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Hello, and welcome to the Bladestorm site.  We're a casual raiding guild on Emeriss EU, and currently we're 4/4, 5/6 and 1/2 on normal T11.  We've made some attempts on Shannox, but he's yet to go down.  We cultivate a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, whilst still expecting raiders to take our attempts to down bosses seriously.  We're running one 10-man team at the moment.  We generally raid a couple of nights a week, but the days vary.

We are always welcoming to new high level members(80+) who want to get into raiding, or just have people around to group with for 5-mans. Most of our lower level characters are alts, so if you're looking for a leveling guild, we're probably not for you.  At the moment the main team is varying quite a lot, so applications are especially welcome from people who can keep up regular attendance twice a week. We'd like to get a second team up and running so we'd also particularly love to hear from anyone who has an interest in raid leading and wants to try it in a friendly supportive environment.

Apply on the forums.
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Cho'gall is tanking the floor!

wildeabandon, Jul 3, 11 4:34 PM.
Whilst there's no doubt we were helped by the nerfs, we had an astonishingly smooth run of Bastion of Twilight - despite having people learning the fights.  Very weell done to all!  Just Al'akir and Nef to go, and we'll all have our shiny defender titles :D

Ascendant Council Down!

wildeabandon, May 26, 11 5:37 AM.
After a few weeks where we had at least one or two new people learning the fight each time we saw them, last night we had a full group who'd already met the Council - and what do you know, down in one shot!  Good job everyone!  Just the end bosses to go...

Chimaeron down!

wildeabandon, May 8, 11 5:29 PM.
After a long evening of wiping, Chimaeron is down :D  Nice work everyone!

Maloriak and Atramedes down

wildeabandon, May 1, 11 6:08 PM.
Two new bosses down on 1/05/2011 - Maloriak we'd never seen before, and Atramedes we'd only made two previous attempts on.  Very well done guys - the team is really shaping up.

Omnitron Council and Conclave of Wind down!

wildeabandon, Apr 10, 11 5:10 PM.
Two new bosses in one night :D  Three (so far!) in one week.  Really good work everyone!
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